Will Laughter Yoga Bring You Health and Well-Being?

The e-mail I received offered a “Laughter Yoga Home Study Course” on CD for only $195. Apparently, they teach you to let go of your stress through yoga and then – I don’t know what. Maybe they direct you to think of funny things that have happened, or tell you jokes, or something.
Since a good part of the “stress epidemic” that’s going around today has to do with money, I think spending that extra $195 would just add more stress.
The whole idea of Laughter Yoga is, of course, that by releasing stress and introducing laughter into your life you can not only have a better attitude, but strengthen your immune system to fight disease. That part does make sense. Many have proven that by turning to humor they can cure some pretty serious conditions.
And maybe some people need to be led through the steps with a CD. But there are easier ways that don’t cost anything.
If you’ve read “Money and the Law of Attraction,” you know that the whole point is to feel good. Feeling bad serves no purpose except to draw more bad things toward you. So the first step is to shift your thoughts each time you begin to dwell on something unpleasant. Realize that going back over and over something in your mind isn’t going to make it better, and that you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to feel better.
I know – some situations need to be handled and you can’t simply ignore them. But you don’t have to spend all your time dwelling on them. You should do what needs to be done and then think about something more pleasant.
The key is to decide, and then, until it becomes second nature, force yourself to comply with that decision.
The phrase to use when your mind drifts to unhappy thoughts is “No, think a better thought.” And then make a conscious effort to think a thought that makes you smile. You might shift toward your baby’s smile, or the antics your puppy or kitten performed yesterday, or some praise you received from a friend or employer. Think about the bubble bath you’ll enjoy at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what it is – just so it’s a better thought.
Next, make that conscious decision to let go of the “stress energy” in your body. It is easier than you think. Once you know you want to let it go (some folks don’t, you know) then simply let out a huge sigh and look up. If it’s a small stress, a couple of times will suffice. If it’s a big one, you might need to do it a dozen times.
Then, immediately shift your focus. You can either go to that “better thought” or get back to work, if the stress has been interrupting something you really need to accomplish.
Finally, seek out laughter. Take the kids outside and jump in a pile of leaves, or splash in a mud puddle. Play with a puppy or a kitten. Put on some music from your crazy youthful days and do a goofy dance. Go to a humor site and laugh out loud at the jokes you really like. Rent a comedy movie 2 or 3 times a week – and laugh out loud.
Part of our trouble stems from being too reserved. That little smile or soft chuckle won’t do the job. Really laugh. That’s what gets your blood moving and releases the healing chemicals in your body.

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