Why Fitness Is Important For Everybody

Most people know to some extent that being fit is good for people. This article explains more about why fitness is important for everybody. By learning more about this subject, we should all be better prepared to take good care of ourselves.
Negative Effects of Being Unfit
Our bodies have many hundreds of muscles whose function is either to create motion or to stabilize or assist other body parts that move or produce movement in the body. Without regular activity, these muscles do not get the use that they require. Lack of fitness caused by insufficient activity contributes to the inefficient functioning of many body systems. Prolonged lack of needed activity thereby likely promotes poor health.
Lack of fitness also often contributes to the increased healthcare expenses of many people. Money and time that could have been used for many other purposes is instead forced to be spent towards dealing with the negative consequences of not being fit.
Benefits of Being Fit
Although poor fitness plays a role in the health problems that many suffer from, genetics and many other factors are important as well in determining a person’s health status. It is not true that poor fitness is the cause of all health problems. Nor is it true that good fitness guarantees good health. Good fitness, however, does increase the chances of a person having good health, suffering less from many health problems, and having lower healthcare expenses.
Good fitness is important even for those people who suffer from health conditions not directly attributable to their lack of fitness, such as those who are injured in accidents. Fit people tend to suffer less damage from many accidents than those who are not fit. For example, because their strong and flexible muscles are able to absorb unexpected stresses better, those who have good flexibility and strength in their back, hip, abdominal, pelvic, and leg muscles suffer less damage from a misstep off a curb than those who are not fit. Fit people also tend to recover from injuries faster and typically have a better chance of a good outcome if they do require surgery.
Even for those who do not have overt symptoms of health problems, not being fit prevents them from accomplishing everything that they could with the same quality of life that they could have had. Being fit also helps people themselves face unexpected emergencies better and enables them in such times to better help others who are weaker.
Having learned more about why fitness is important for everybody, we must act on what we know. Knowing without also acting on what we know will not provide us with all the many benefits of being fit.

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