The Top Natural Skin Care Products Are Not Being Televised

If you’re looking for the top natural skin care products, you’ll see lots of different reviews on the internet. What you’ll find here is a little bit different. Instead of learning about specific brands, you’ll learn about the best ingredients, in terms of safety and effectiveness.
For decades, cosmetic companies have been allowed to use all but a few banned ingredients. The adverse reactions caused by cosmetics are numerous. Dermatologists see problems caused by harsh cleansers, pore-clogging moisturizers, artificial preservatives, fragrances and common allergens.
The cosmetic companies deal with this by blaming the individual. They say that people are prone to allergic reactions, have increased sensitivities or different complexion types. They have managed to create markets for people with oily, dry or combination complexions, when the truth is this. We all have the same type of complexions. We’re humans.
Other than the inclusion of common allergens and toxins, the problem with most cosmetics is that the base creams used are derived from crude oil, which is not compatible with human beings. The top natural skin care products on the market today are those that contain plant-based oils which are compatible with our complexions.
They will not cause excessive oiliness or dryness. They can be used to balance sebum production, in the event that a person tends to have some oily spots and some dry ones. That is commonly the case, anyway.
When a person does suffer from excessive dryness, it is usually due to the use of drying cleansers or showering in chlorinated water. Studies have shown that plain tap water strips the skin’s oils, whether a cleanser is used or not.
Since most of us are in the habit of using a cleanser on a daily basis, we need to replenish the skin’s moisture content. The top natural skin care products do that.
Research has shown that the creams containing the antioxidant coenzyme Q10 increase the skin’s moisture content by more than 30% after six weeks of use. Other studies have shown that the active form of the protein keratin increases the skin’s moisture content by more than 20% after the very first use.
Those ingredients are unique. Not many companies use them. The research supporting their use is relatively new. It takes big manufacturers years to respond to new research and change their formulas.
But, today’s top natural skin care products come from smaller companies that can quickly change their formulas when new cell rejuvenation research is published. What, you may ask, is cell rejuvenation?
That’s a pretty long subject, but basically, if we support the skin’s natural cell rejuvenation processes, we can delay the signs of age. Wrinkles can be reversed. Stretch marks and scars will fade.
All it takes is a few simple tools for the skin’s repair work to shift into high gear. Protein and antioxidants are the two most important tools. You’ll only find those kinds of ingredients in the top natural skin care products. If you see a positive review for a product that does not contain them, you’re smart to be skeptical.

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