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Will Laughter Yoga Bring You Health and Well-Being?

The e-mail I received offered a “Laughter Yoga Home Study Course” on CD for only $195. Apparently, they teach you to let go of your stress through yoga and then – I don’t know what. Maybe they direct you to think of funny things that have happened, or tell you …

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Mediterranean Diet For Optimal Health

Imagine being able to eat generous serves of food at every meal, wash it all down with a glass of red wine and still live a healthy life, free of heart disease and cancer. Sound too good to be true? Let’s find out!

Welcome to the Mediterranean

Heart disease is …

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Liquid Vitamins – Good Flavor Along With Good Health!

Our body is made up of bones and muscles. Thes vitamins and minerals are required for good health of our bones and muscles. Vitamins are one of the most essential requirements for any human being, irrespective of his being male, female, old aged or child. Vitamin lacking diseases are caused …

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5 Amazing Foods For Health and Fat Loss

There are many choices of foods that we have. But only a few are good enough for us to keep having a good health. In addition, we all have our budget in mind. In this article, you can learn five inexpensive foods that you should eat every day. The foods …

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4 Overlooked Foods For Good Health

Many people think that healthy food is synonymous with bland, unattractive food. But food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless to be good for you! The following is an introduction to four very healthy foods that are delicious and readily available at any supermarket.
Beets: Beets are some of …