Skin Care Cream Secrets They Don’t Want You to Know

I have an embarrassing admission, I used to buy only name brand products because I figured they were the best. After conducting an intensive investigation into the skincare market I have found some interesting facts.
You can conduct the same research I did, just be prepared to invest over 20 hours of exhaustive research into every big name company and their ingredients.
Following the trail of information I was able to better understand that a number of these companies enter the skin cream market solely for money. They have no vested interest in solving your skin problems.
They choose ingredients that are not the most effective for your skin choosing instead low active ingredients that produce less than optimal results. The reason is simple they can saved money and still state that they include active ingredients. This is solely for the benefit of adding that statement of active ingredient to their label.
Fortunately I have found several companies who truly believe in providing a solution for their customers. They understand that there are real people who use these skin-care creams and opt to invest heavily in research and development.
They use ingredients such as CynergyTK TM – which is one of the closest ingredients to a miracle ingredient I have found in a skin care cream; Cynergy TK has been proven in clinical trials to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Another important ingredient is Phytessence Wakame – a special extract from Japanese sea kelp, which keeps your skin elastic, smooth and younger looking.
Be mindful that I also found that many of the name brand companies use parabens, fragrances, allergens and a handful of other harmful chemicals. Make sure the ingredients are all natural and could be ingested safely because anything that you apply on your skin will ultimately find it’s way into your bloodstream.
You’re not looking for just any moisturizing cream you are looking for a skin care moisturizer cream that will improve your skin’s appearance.
By finding a company who not only produces an all natural skin care cream but also supplies the product directly from the factory you are really assuring your skin that you’re getting the best possible solution for many years.

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