If You Still Think Your Health Is Your Doctors Responsibility You Have It All Wrong

Most of us recognize the most serious thing that could possibly happen to us in our lifetime is the loss of our health and productivity. This of course would not only affect us personally but our family and loved ones as well.
Surely the inactive but often stressful lives we lead in our modern world alert us that we need to increase our need to get and stay in optimal physical, mental and emotional well being. Our health should take priority as ultimately it gives us the opportunity to fulfill our goals and dreams. Conventional insight over the past 60 odd years has maintained that the task and responsibility for our health was predominantly the domain of the medical establishment.
Well, those days are well and truly over, which means you and not the medical system should be in control and in the driver’s seat. Now is the time to reclaim a level of self-responsibility towards our own health, wellness and longevity that people have not practiced for a least a century.
Never before in history has we had so much extensive scientific evidence to back what our grandparents knew to be true – that proper exercise and good nutrition are the most basic components of a long active disease free life. Only if you have a good reserve or balance of these good habits in your wellness ‘bank account’ do you have ammunition to withstand the occasional bout of flu or even surviving a more significant health crisis.
However, if you settle for a lifestyle with not enough muscle building and maintaining activity, poor nutrition and an insidious attitude that your health is not your responsibility or within your control, then you have some work to do. It is fully recognized now that how we live our life actually affects disease processes which was a revolutionary concept for the health establishment around 20 years ago.
Not only can we not afford the high price tag of medical supervision for health maintenance the whole idea of someone else being responsible for our health is not a good idea in our drive to stay well. Not only does it cultivate a level of helplessness and a lack of accountability it extracts a higher price on our overall health and well being in the long run
Good health and long-term wellness is so much more than simply not being sick and is not an accident; it does require your active participation. Even geneticists agree that over 70 percent of what happens to us in the way of preventable disease that causes disability and the possibility of an early death is within our own control.
And since your health is a most-treasured asset, it should never be put on the backburner of your life and instead be put right at the top of the totem pole of priorities right up there alongside family and career.
Without question and right at the very core of wellness is the important positive action you can take to protect yourself from disease and illness is proper strengthening exercise. It has long been proven to prevent a very long list of diseases from the ‘big three’, heart disease, cancer and diabetes to mental illness that includes depression, anxiety and stress related problems.
Although some of these conditions can be treated and reversed with proper exercise and good nutrition, some cannot. Preventing them from getting a foot hold in the first place is the number one goal. You will have heard of preventative medicine, now get ready for preventative fitness with proper exercise.

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