Good Fats Are Fats Which Our Bodies Need

Good fats are fats which help us lose weight, bad fasts are fats which make us gain weight, and we can relax knowing that most fats are very healthy and vital to our overall health.
Many people believe that any kind of fat is bad for the body that is why we have so many products which advertise less fat or non fat, but in actuality our bodies can’t live without fat.
Fats are absolutely essential for good health, without them we would shrivel up and die. Some of the good fats are non-saturated fats such as polyunsaturated, mono-unsaturated and surprisingly saturated fats.
These types of fats or oils have many good uses for our bodies. Saturated fat is a very good form of fat for our bodies. It makes up at least 50% of our cell membranes, which helps keep our cells strong. It helps keep our bones strong by helping calcium to be effectively incorporated into our skeletal structure. It lowers the risk of heart disease. It helps protect the liver from alcohol and other toxins which may be harmful. It helps the immune system and much more.
There is a great article “The Truth About Saturated Fat” on a website called we can find out more info on saturated fats as well as other good fats right here.
Polyunsaturated fat includes the omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which our bodies greatly need because these essential fatty acids our bodies cannot produce on their own. We need to get them from other sources.
We can find polyunsaturated fats in many vegetable oils like safflower oil, corn oil, sunflower oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil, pumpkin seeds, walnuts and soybeans. Mono-unsaturated fats are some of the healthiest types of fats we can eat. They typically are high in vitamin E and anti-oxidant properties. We can find mono-unsaturated fats in olive oil, rapeseed oil, hazelnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, avocado, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.
Trans fats are the bad fats that turn ugly; these are the fats we all will want to avoid. Trans fats are artery clogging fats, they can increase bad cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and many other kinds of illness and of course they make us gain weight because they are the hardest for our bodies to digest.
Trans fats are found in foods like margarine, shortening, French fries, fried chicken, dough nuts as well as other extra processed or fast foods. If we make our own fried foods or dough nuts with better oil like coconut oil, then we can eat them without worry. But the bottom line here is that most fats today are healthy for our bodies, so trying to eat only non fat foods to stay thin is actually a bad idea if we want to lose weight.
Just like everything else we eat, as long as we eat healthy foods, organic foods unprocessed foods we will be OK. Our bodies will thank us by helping us achieve our desired weight, look and feel.

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