Foodies For Kiddies

Are you a mother to a 1 or 2 year old toddler? Are you worried about her food habits? It is very human to think that something is wrong with your child who is not interested in food. Or to get provoked to force feed. Well, there is another way out of this problem. May be it is time you became a bit innovative in preparing some wonderful baby food.
Here are some interesting tips to make your little one drool over food. These are tried and tested. So is bound to work wonders. Just be patient to understand your child and set up a proper eating schedule. Things will fall in place. Always remember every child is unique. So is yours.
Make some delicious porridge from oats and milk. Add a bit of sugar. Top it up with some watermelon slices. Another tested method or tip is to substitute a fruit like watermelon with some chocolate powder.
Begin with this, and slowly you will come to a point when your baby is ready to consume oats even with plain milk and sugar.
Apple & Milk
Remove the outer cover of the apple. Cut the fruit into small pieces and mash it well in the mixer. Pour the mashed content in a bowl. Add boiled milk, preferably milk that is of normal temperature (not hot). Add very little sugar as the apple has enough of natural sweetness. Give this to your baby an hour or so after the lunch or dinner time.
Good health comes from good food. Good food must begin from an early age. If these precious days are well cared for, a healthy life will follow.

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