5 Amazing Foods For Health and Fat Loss

There are many choices of foods that we have. But only a few are good enough for us to keep having a good health. In addition, we all have our budget in mind. In this article, you can learn five inexpensive foods that you should eat every day. The foods will be for your good health and fat loss.
– Leafy green vegetables. The leafy greens like Swiss chard and kale are high in nutrients for example folate, vitamins A and C. They will lower your risk of cancer. If you can have just a cup of these leafy greens a day, you will be able to prevent diabetes and high blood pressure.
– Various kinds of nuts. The most recommended nuts include almonds, cashews and walnuts. They are high in natural fiber. Fibers will slow digestive process. Hence, you will not be hungry and you don’t have to take more snacks in the afternoon. So, you don’t have to run to the vending machine to buy more snacks at that time.
– Onions. If you can have onions on a regular basis, you will reduce symptoms of asthma and the risk of having stomach cancer. You can have it in many forms. For example, you can have them in the soups. Or you can have them stir-fried. Remember just one thing, the stronger the onion, the greater health you will have.
– Whole grains. You can have more nutrition from your foods by having whole grains products. Refined products for example white rice or pasta lose ninety per cent of their nutritional value through the refining process. It is your job to choose whole grains like brown rice, quinoa and whole oats. Studies show that diet which is rich in whole grains can flatten your belly by reducing fat storage in your lower abdomen.
– Yogurt. You should eat yogurt as part of your daily diet. It will improve your digestion. In addition, if you buy the right type, you will gain many benefits. Make sure that the label lists active cultures. You will have healthy probiotics. Also, pick the one that is rich in vitamin D to prevent osteoporosis.

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