4 Overlooked Foods For Good Health

Many people think that healthy food is synonymous with bland, unattractive food. But food doesn’t have to be bland and tasteless to be good for you! The following is an introduction to four very healthy foods that are delicious and readily available at any supermarket.
Beets: Beets are some of the most nutritious foods you can eat. The two wonderful ingredients found in these small, red root vegetables are folate and betaine, both of which help to decrease homocysteine levels in the blood. If you have homocysteine in your blood, it may promote heart disease and harm your arteries. Eating beets regularly can help to prevent these health problems. Studies on laboratory mice have shown that beets help to prevent cancer. The greatest health benefits are derived from beets when they are eaten uncooked. One delicious way to incorporate beets into your diet is to grate them, then marinate them in lemon juice and olive oil and put them in a salad.
Cinnamon: It’s not unusual for people to only eat cinnamon on those unhealthy, sticky, sweet cinnamon buns. Cinnamon doesn’t just taste good, it is also good for you, helping your body to metabolize sugar and lowering the risk of heart disease. According to a USDA study, Type Two Diabetes sufferers were able to reduce both their blood sugar and cholesterol levels when they ate two grams of cinnamon each day over six weeks. Cinnamon contains methylhydroxychalcone polymers, a substance that helps your body to process sugar. You can add it to your diet in many ways; try it on oatmeal, cereal, or even in your morning coffee.
Goji Berries: The people in Tibet have a long history of using the goji berry for medical purposes. Studies have shown that this berry has more antioxidant power than any other fruit, even though it is no bigger than a raisin. Objective studies have proven that eating these berries can benefit diabetes sufferers by reducing the production of insulin. These berries are great when eaten at breakfast in yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal.
Cabbage: Cabbage is widely eaten in both Asia and Europe, and is growing in popularity in America as well. It contains the chemical sulforaphane, which is thought to help prevent the onset of cancerous cell formation. It causes your body to produce greater amounts of particular enzymes that help to prevent damage to your cells; it also blocks free radicals. This yummy food is delicious shredded and added to burgers or sandwiches. You can also create a great salad with shredded carrots and apples.

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